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Our pricing plans

  • Basic

    Every year
    Focused On E-Learning
    • E-Learning for upto 300 Employees
    • E-Learning for upto 10 managers
    • Standard Content
  • Great Starting Point


    Every year
    Implement your policy across your SMB
    • E-Learning for upto 1,000 Employees
    • E-Learning for upto 300 managers
    • Schedule Random Testing
    • Schedule For-cause Testing
    • Resource Area
    • Standard Content
  • Corporate

    Every year
    Streamline your policy across multiple sites and workforces
    • Unlimited E-learning for Employees
    • Unlimited E-Learning for Managers
    • Schedule Random Testing
    • Schedule For-cause Testing
    • Resource Area
    • Policy Review and Support
    • Equipment Calibration Managment
    • Custom Branded Portal to reflect your organisations brand
    • Tailored E-learning content to suit your operations

As soon as your solution goes live, your dedicated class account manager takes formal responsibility for managing our relationship with you.

Rather than tell you how often you can see your Account Manager, we let you decide on a suitable timetable. By approaching account management in this flexible way, we believe that we are embracing the principles of continuous improvement and fostering a strategic relationship.

Through your Account Manager, you may be encouraged to liaise directly with other clics customers to share best practice, to attend product design workshops and our user groups. Your Account Manager will also inform and advise you regarding new functionality and how class can further support your operations in the future.

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