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class helps organisations implement drug and alcohol policy. Bringing the policy to life with interactive e-learning. 
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Human Resources

Less admin more focus

Schedule, manage and monitor your drug and alcohol policy with class.

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Compliant & Auditable

Stay compliant with a full audit trail of training records to show your workforce have been educated.

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Train & Prepare

Prepare managers with detailed training on signs, symptoms and what to do when they suspect a for cause incident. With virtual role play and scenario based education.

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Inform & Deter

Train all colleagues in substance misuse and your organisation's drug & alcohol policy specifics.

our mission.

To transform the way drug and alcohol polices are deployed within organisations. Informing colleagues with long lasting knowledge and awareness. 


our purpose.

A holistic software that; records employee training
& sample collection appointment schedule, equipment calibration and consumable reordering all within one system.

Making Drug & Alcohol testing policy easy to implement and maintain.

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our story.

class was built out of 20 years experience of global drug & alcohol policy implementations with key focus on colleagues and managers education.

class software was designed and built to Racoo screening’s specification and their collection network. Designed from a blank page to make sure every feature is tailored to needs of customers and sample collectors.

reliable, secure hosting.

Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified, meaning they meet industry best-practices for information security. Server access is strictly limited to cleared personnel with a role-based swipe-card system, and a sophisticated CCTV network covers all areas of our data centres.

Data centres are the heart of the services we provide. They're packed with the latest hardware and are continually maintained, so we can ensure you get the reliable and powerful services you expect from us.

We employ extensive environmental controls to make sure our servers max out their potential and deliver top performance day-in, day-out.

data security

commitment to the future.

Our data centres run on 100% renewable energy from Ørsted. We chose a provider that aligns with our principles, and Ørsted is one of the only suppliers in the UK that only provides renewable energy. This means the electricity powering our data centres is generated through offshore wind and biofuel, making class's hosting impact on the environment as low as we can make it without sacrificing any of the performance of our services. 

Renewable doesn’t mean unreliable. Our data centres use the most advanced APC X UPS system available, providing uninterruptible power to all our servers. In the case of an outage, the power supply is switched instantly to a backup generator, with absolutely no interruption to our services.


contact class.

Drop us a message with any questions, inquiries or to request a demo.

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