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A modern online learning platform designed to make training simple, fast and effective.

Encourage self-led learning to boost you and your team’s drug, alcohol and occupational health knowledge.

Resource Area

Giving employees an up to date toolkit of resources accessible  at any time to guide them through incidents.

Train Anywhere

Whether you’re driving learning through desktop, mobile or in a classroom, access your training wherever you are.


Available in over 20 additional languages with further translation available upon requirement.


Industry-leading user experience takes centre-stage with class training, for deeper learning and higher completion rates.

Bespoke Content

Our bespoke content creation team harnesses the power of storytelling, rich media and stunning visual design, helping you to educate your workforce on specific policy details. Our team of experts will work in partnership with you to understand your organisations industry. 

incorporating scenarios specific to your industry

on screen content can include your logos and uniforms for added engagement.

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Graphic Designing

Refreshment Reminders

Set periodic refresher training and remind staff to complete. keeping them up-to date with latest legislation and changes.

Customisable Design

Personalise the class e-learning portal with your company branding and colours

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